Working with Abusive Individuals: Understanding, Engagement/Intervention, Outcomes


Instructor: Stitt

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MPG Consulting Presents: Culturally and Racially Attuned CEU Credits For Individuals and Organizations

Course Title: Working with Abusive Individuals: Understanding, Engagement/Intervention, Outcomes

Subject / Topic:

  • Social Work Practice, Knowledge and Skills
  • Methodologies which contribute to professional practice of licensed master and
  • licensed clinical social work

Presenter: Grover C. (Steve) Stitt, LCSW-R

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker with approximately 40 years of practice in direct service, administration, management, supervision, consultation and psychotherapy. Mr. Stitt currently is the director of a clinical consultation program in New York City for the past 12+ years and maintains a 23 year private practice working with individuals, couples and groups with focus on anger/ rage management and work with males, especially men of color (see attached resume).

Description of Course:

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This course is designed to assist and support practitioners who work with anger primarily in practice with abusive individuals. While broadening their understanding and increasing engagement, the course will normalize, de-demonize and humanize the abusive personality / individual; Decrease worker / client resistance, supporting practice, hopefully leading to increasing successful interventions and outcomes.

The course will underline principles / variables akin to work with anger / abuse. Explore the “Whys” (The Efficacy and Need to Engage the Abuser); Identity, Who the abuser / abusive individual is; Discuss Engagement, identifying practice competence through lens of race, class, culture, gender, etc.; Explore Interventions with brief clinical theorem overviews and briefly discuss potential Outcome potentials.

Teaching Methods:

Lecture format / PowerPoint applications and interactive dialogue with Q and A.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of the workshop worker competency and comfort in understanding anger / rage and engaging the abusive individual(s) while developing strategies for more successful practice intervention and outcomes will be heightened. The course is designed for licensed master and licensed clinical social workers.


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